(Aerial view of the Winery)

The “IL POGGIOLO” Winery by Delmonte Pietro, is located in the Municipality of Montu Beccaria, precisely 4 kilometers south of the capital, in Località Poggiolo, in a hilly area well known and appreciated for its natural vocation to the cultivation of vines and to the production of wine.

It is a family-run company in which, for three generations, the Delmonte family has handed down the experience and great passion for wine. It currently covers an area of ​​about 25 hectares, entirely planted with vines, at an average altitude of 200 to 300 meters, crossed by the famous 45th parallel, the common denominator for the production of fine wines all over the world.

The main exposure to the south, south-east of our vineyards, their right slope, the fertility of the soil combined with its clayey composition, the exceptional microclimate and in particular the absence of periods of drought and aridity, constitute the essential prerequisite for the quality and diversification of the grapes produced.

The company try to distinguish itself for a niche product that maintains, their method of grape processing and taste of their tradition of making wine. Their goal is to produce modern wines without betraying memories, traditions and expressions of the territory.


Eastern Pavese Oltrepò in the first hilly zone in the Municipality of Montù Beccaria in Frazione Poggiolo 9 bis
from 150 m. at 250 m. s.l.m. crossing the 45th parallel
Approximately 25 hectares, all cultivated with vineyards, facing south / south-east

(A view of the vineyards near the Winery)